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The life sciences industry is facing unprecedented change. The importance of information to fuel innovation, demonstrate product quality, provide evidence of efficacy, manage market distribution and address regulatory compliance is critical to success. This information must be protected and managed throughout its lifecycle, yet be accessible for the organization to unlock value and gain strategic insight. Is your information management program able to keep up?

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keep compliant. stay compliant.

Keep up with Regulatory Requirements

The development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are governed by a wide range of regulations, including patent law, electronic signature laws, good lab practices, good clinical practices and patient privacy and consent laws – requiring organizations to retain information in the event of an audit or legal discovery request.

Access your Information Across the Enterprise

While your organization may have records and information management policies, they may not be consistently implemented. Having the right information at the right time is critical to comply with regulations and protect intellectual property, yet records are often dispersed across departments and locations, making them difficult to find when needed.

Apply Consistent Policy

With Iron Mountain, you can have well-documented and easily enforceable policies that apply across information types and across the enterprise -- enabling you to achieve compliance. And, by understanding your information and where it resides, you can ensure that it is protected, recoverable and secure throughout its lifecycle.

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Records Storage and Management

Utilize offsite storage to protect, manage and safeguard your records throughout their lifecycle - including lab notebooks, design/device history records, manufacturing batch records and other record types.
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Technology Escrow

While you focus on innovation and growth, let us handle the business risk that you are exposed to by investing in new technology. Protecting the technology you license in an escrow account is your backup plan if your developer disappears.
records digitization

Document Imaging Services

Digitize your physical records and media with our document imaging services.  These services will enable you to have fast, secure access to your information, unlock your paper-burdened workflows and work more digitally.  
cloud and tape storage

Data Management Services

Whether you use backup tapes or cloud storage, you can keep up with your ever-growing storage requirements while ensuring your data is protected and recoverable in the event of disaster.

Data Centers

Leverage underground and purpose-built data centers to support the exacting requirements of life sciences organizations that require flexible, secure data center capacity while complying with information privacy and security regulations.
document shredding

Secure Destruction Services

Protect the privacy of your information by disposing of your records and media in a compliant, safe and cost-effective way. Recycle or repurpose old, obsolete or decommissioned IT assets through secure, environmentally friendly procedures.

Retention Policy Development & Advisory Services

Develop a Records and Information Management Program that understands the unique aspects of your industry. Gain access to relevant regulations and rules, and automatically implement and communicate new guidelines to all employees and RIM-enabled systems.
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Staffing Services

Leverage our knowledgeable records and information management staff at your locations to help build your program or supplement your existing staff. Gain access to experts to accelerate your program and enable enterprise-wide information governance.
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