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Library Space is in High Demand

Your library is the academic fulcrum and knowledge center of your university, the heart of your city, or the focal point of your community. Your library is also prime real estate and every square foot is precious and coveted.

Libraries like yours are always under pressure to create space. Space for dynamic learning, social interaction and new services. Whether you’re at the helm of a huge research library or a treasured local hub – you are examining ways to balance the evolving needs of your community while ensuring the protection of and access to your collections.

The University of Scranton Case Study

Detailed planning and strong transparency ensured University of Scranton's successful introduction to offsite storage.
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Managing Your Collections through Your Next Evolution

Iron Mountain has scalable library solutions that will help you manage your physical collections through your next library building project. Logistics planning for building renovations are complex when they impact your stacks. With Iron Mountain you will have a single trusted partner to help you develop a tailored solution to meet your library’s needs. Protect and maintain access to your collections, while reducing costs.

Tailored Solutions by Iron Mountain

Every library is different, which is why we will work with you to create a solution that meets your moving, storage and access requirements.

Taking a step towards moving or altering your collection is daunting – whether it’s moving a few hundred books to your offsite library annex, digitizing dissertations or storing uncirculated special collections offsite.



Whether leading a research library or managing a treasured public library branch, you face the challenge of balancing your library and its patrons’ evolving needs, all while ensuring that your collections are protected and available. In addition to the traditional demand to create new spaces to support dynamic learning, social interaction, and collaboration, there is also an immediate need to foster spaces that encourage social distancing. These demands put pressure on your limited library real estate and reduce available floor space for your valuable collections.

Investing in a library project calls for thoughtful consideration and careful planning to ensure you get the most out of your budget. You need a partner who has the experience and resources to help you think through your options and develop a plan that meets your institution’s goals.

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Common Library Storage Struggles

"I need temporary offsite storage for a renovation."

"I am losing stacks in my next renovation and I need long-term offsite storage."

"I’m losing my library annex because it is being repurposed."

"My collections are at risk in my rented annex."

"My institution’s high-density storage facility is at capacity and there is no room in the budget to build another module."

Iron Mountain Solution

  • Flexible Storage ensures the protection of your collection while allowing for further development and repurposing of your library space.
  • With Iron Mountain’s offsite library storage you pay for only what you use, making short or long-term storage much more cost-effective for small or large collections.
  • Library Storage as a service gives you more flexibility so you can maintain your collection into the future, eliminating rush deaccession decisions.
  • Iron Mountain’s Library Services experts will work with you to deliver a clean storage environment with the right environmental controls for your collections.
  • Do more with less by augmenting your current operations with outsourced storage. Optimize your storage by tiering content across multiple storage solutions.


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Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain has the scale, resources, and expertise to work with you on any size project – whether you need to shift books between library branches or your library annex or get 100’s of thousands of volumes to your library book storage facility. Our experts in the logistics of library moving are ready to help you organize and execute your move. Bring your questions to Iron Mountain.

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