Identify and Extract Value

Identify and Extract Value from your Information:

Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to leverage the full potential of your data, media and image libraries
“Iron Mountain has the reputation for their facilities [and] staff… that’s why we chose Iron Mountain over several other vendors that [we] evaluated.”

Peter Auyeung

Senior Director, Infrastructure Services

Build on our strong cloud-native content services foundation to extract greater value from your content, providing intelligent, seamless, and integrated access to physical and digital content to drive business value and resilience.

Digital Services

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Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition

Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition is a cloud-native intelligent content services platform that combines scanning of physical documents and digital storage in a secure cloud repository, and leverages Google Document AI to automatically classify documents and extract metadata from them. Adding structure to unstructured content, it enables business insights, data governance and powerful visual search.
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Workplace Transformation

Moving locations or closing offices? De-densifying to reconfigure your space? Reducing your current real estate to save cost? Or supporting a growing number of remote employees? Whatever the challenge, Iron Mountain’s Clean Start™ program can help you transform your workplace to maximize real estate efficiency and support a virtual workforce.  

With Iron Mountain Clean Start, you can clear your workplace of a wide variety of materials currently occupying valuable space — paper records, filing cabinets, servers, PCs and IT assets, office equipment, cabinets, furniture, artwork and more. 

Beyond the physical removal and storage of items, we’ll evaluate your current processes and provide actionable advice on how to reduce your compliance risk, improve efficiency, and support your digital transformation goals.