Improve Governance and Compliance

Improve Governance and Compliance

Mitigate risk and avoid costly fines through information governance best practices and services
“We trust Iron Mountain to the same extent that our clients trust us, and we would not consider any other provider.”

Willem Drijver


Mitigate risk and avoid costly fines through information governance best practices and services.

Reduce corporate risk

Apply retention and classification policies, provide strong governance and safeguard privacy across all your data,
in virtually any format, at every point along the lifecycle.


Digital Services

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Content Classification service

Whether for physical or digital content, Iron Mountain provides Advisory Services and tools that enable classification and clean-up of redundant, obsolete and transitory (ROT) content.
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Information Governance (IG) Advisory Services

Iron Mountain’s Advisory Services is one of the industry’s largest information governance (IG) consultancies with over 20 years of experience providing holistic IG services which include subject matter expert deliverables for Privacy advice, IG assessments and IG program development.
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Policy Center

Iron Mountain® Policy Center is a cloud-based retention and privacy policy management platform that provides a user-friendly way to know regulatory operational obligations and show compliance. Policy Center enables the management of information through its entire information life-cycle, from creation to use to disposition. 

Secure Storage and Logistics

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File Room Solution

Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution replicates your onsite file room within a secure offsite storage environment. With our solution, active files are managed according to your filing system – with retrievals, refiles, interfiles, and drop filing performed by our expert staff.
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Offsite Records Storage

Even as you transform to a more digital way of working, physical copies of records need to be retained to meet internal and external compliance requirements. Leverage Iron Mountain’s network of records storage facilities – which uses advanced environmental, security, and access controls – to safeguard your information.
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Project Services

When it comes to implementing one-time, periodic, or ongoing records management projects, we are ready to help. Iron Mountain’s Project Services team can purge and pack your records for storage with an option to collect metadata and index files. When it’s time for an audit, we can help inventory your cartons, prepare files, and provide proof of your inventory’s location. 
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Staffing Solutions

Iron Mountain provides trained professionals and screened specialists to administer onsite Records Management programs, including incorporating best practices and supporting compliance.