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Making an Impact

How Corporate Responsibility at Iron Mountain is Making a Difference in how we do Business

Our People

At Iron Mountain, we work together to create an environment where people feel respected, accepted and included for being their authentic selves. When we value diverse ideas, backgrounds and perspectives, our people thrive, our customers benefit – and our business succeeds.

Our Communities

Iron Mountain believes that corporations have an important role to play in creating social value in the communities in which we operate. We are committed to pursuing that responsibly and being a helpful member of our communities worldwide.

Our Planet

A company of our size has great opportunity to make a difference in the world. We are determined to make that impact a positive one. We find innovative ways to reduce our environmental impacts and support our customers in doing the same through our offerings. 

Our Commitments

United Nations Global Compact

As a signatory to the UNGC Iron Mountain is committed to pursuing policies, strategies and procedures, as well creating a culture of integrity that supports all ten principles.

UK Modern Slavery Act

Iron Mountain’s business and core values are premised on compliance and acting with integrity. We take adherence to laws, including the UK Modern Slavery Act, seriously and are committed to the eradication of both slavery and human trafficking across the globe.

Code of Ethics

Iron Mountain believes that doing business with integrity is the only way to do business. Our Code of Ethics and Business Code training, taken annually by all employees, provides guidance on many ethics and compliance issues employees may face as they interact with Our People, Our Communities and how we keep Our Promise to customers and shareholders.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Iron Mountain’s Supplier Code of Conduct (which supplements our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct) sets forth the principles, standards, and practices required for doing business with Iron Mountain. All contractors are required to abide by the code.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We are committed to transparent reporting on sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. Our Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our commitments and progress against key measures of success for our efforts in the community, our environment, and for our people.

Global Environmental Policy

Iron Mountain focuses its environmental sustainability efforts on the concrete steps the company can take to minimize the impact our operations have on the environment.